Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Aku terbaca petition ni dalam Jebat Must Die. Aku pun ciplak utk share ngan semua. Petition ni dihantar kepada Pope untuk guna nama Allah dalam kitab depa..Bacalah dan renungkan lah....

Pope Benedict XVI
Holy See, Vatican
Rome, Italy

Your Holiness Pope,

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful[1]

(i) We, the Christian peoples of Malaysia as undersigned below, would like to obtain a holy decree from you ascertaining that the name of the Deity mentioned in the bible is indeed Allah.
(ii) For more than 20 centuries this Deity has not been mentioned by name and we now understand that His holy name is Allah, the same one that has been used in the Quran of the Muslims.
(iii) In the event that we obtain this decree from you, we would also like to request that each and every copy of the bible in this world at present and the ones printed in the future shall bear the name Allah too.
(iv) What would your holy order be regarding the teachings of Allah as promulgated in the Quran seeing how, as mentioned in (i) above, this God is no different from ours. In particular what would your holiness imply as regards to dogmatic issues in the new testaments especially the ones formulated by Saul of Tarsus (who have never met Jesus in person) as opposed to ones whom this Allah directly teaches in the Quran.

We would more than appreciate it if you can respond favourably to this and have some indication dates on when can the world-wide bibles be re-printed with this name Allah in it, so that we ourslves may enjoy this name to be mentioned in our own bible here in Malaysia.

Thank You

We, the Christian Community of Malaysia as undersigned:-


Anonymous said...

Terbaca petikan DZ buat aku mai lagi,kalau diamati memang orghang Kristian selalu sebut my God tapi nama god tu tak tau siapa. Contohnya kalau aku sebut hang aku kamu dia macam tak bernama pulak manusia tu.Kalau aku sebut Koden baru manusia bernama.Itu sebab depa nak boh nama pulak pd God .Baru sedaq agaknya depa ni selama god depa tak dak nama.

Anonymous said...


Depa (Kristian yg awai2 dulu2) tau nama God tu tapi depa div.ert the actual message yg the actual bible bawa. La ni depa nak bubuh balik nama god tu dalam bible yg dah banyak di "updated"..., tang tu yg rasa nya salah besaq.Sebab nya bila nama god sebenar dah bergelumang dgn message yg dah being diverted, aku pun sanggup join the protest against the use of nama god tu.

Cuba pakat2 pikiaq tengok.